Art of Building in Clay

Clay plasters | Terminations | Reliefs & Paintings


12 - 15 September 2019


Curvaceiras, Paialvo, Tomar, Portugal


Course 165 € | Food + accommodation 35€ (Limited registration)




Morphology and Design of clay Furniture

The sustainability of furniture and the efficiency in its use

Furniture Structure: shelves, countertops, Washbasin, Shower

Clay plasters


Artistic details

30% theory and 70% practice

This course aims to get the participant to acquire a set of knowledge and skills to understand the general concepts with clay terminations and to practice practically manipulating various clay building techniques so that they can build and apply in their own homes or simply increase your practical knowledge!

In this course we are going deepen the plasters from thick to thin plaster, just like natural paintings, from the simplest paintings to the artistic paintings. Within this theme are still encompassed the reliefs and low reliefs in clay, incorporating various decorative motifs such as Mandalas, sacred geometry and forms of nature.

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